Kay Couture – Cattelan Italia


Kay Couture Chair upholstered chair with steel frame and covered in synthetic leather, synthetic nubuck or soft leather as per sample card.

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Black perrlish glossy leather PL73
Leater Oyster 947
Leather Ash 949
Leather Atlantico 956
Leather Bisquit 981
Leather Black 973
Leather Bordeaux 944
Leather Bronze 984
Leather Brown 946
Leather Bruno 960
Leather Capri 974
Leather Castoro 951
Leather Dark brown 891
Leather Ice 959
Leather Lino 948
Leather Lobster 992
Leather Milk 961
Leather Moka 943
Leather Mora 955
Leather Mud 942
Leather Ottanio 980
Leather Pearled Gloss White PL71
Leather Red Race 989
Leather Resin 985
Leather Safari 945
Leather Sage 990
Pelle Sherwood
Leather Sherwood 987
Leather Slate 953
Leather Smoke 952
Leather Tabacco 988
Leather Taupe 950
Leather White 971
Pelle Argilla
Lether Argilla 983
Pelle Artico
Lether Artic 993
Lether Cognac 982
Micro Nubuck Beige MN100
Micro Nubuck Brown MN609
Micro Nubuck Cognac MN603
Micro Nubuck Ink MN200
Micro Nubuck Shadow MN604
Micro Nubuck White MN103
Ecopelle Argilla
Synthetic Leather Argilla ECP83
Synthetic Leather Beige ECP04
Synthetic Leather Black ECP24
Synthetic Leather Bordeaux ECP14
Synthetic Leather Brown ECP07
Synthetic Leather Canapa ECP25
Synthetic Leather Cedar ECP29
Synthetic Leather Cement ECP36
Synthetic Leather Cream ECP03
Synthetic Leather Green ECP17
Ecopelle Lino
Synthetic Leather Lino ECP48
Synthetic Leather London ECP23
Synthetic Leather Moka ECP08
Synthetic leather Mora ECP33
Synthetic Leather Mud ECP26
Synthetic Leather Ocean ECP21
Synthetic Leather Olive ECP18
Synthetic Leather Orange ECP12
Synthetic Leather Red Race ECP13
Synthetic Leather Sky ECP20
Synthetic Leather Slate ECP37
Synthetic Leather White ECP01
Synthetic Leathere Taupe ECP05
Synthetic Nabuk Argilla SN03
Synthetic Nabuk Night SN17
Synthetic Nabuk Terra SN04
Synthetic Nabuk Visone SN05
Synthetic Nabuk Vulcano SN06
Synthetic Nabuk Zenzero SN01
Technic Fabric B100
Technic Fabric B101
Technic Fabric B102
Technic Fabric B103
Technic Fabric B104
Technic Fabric B107
Technic Fabric B200
Technic Fabric B201
Technic Fabric B202
Technic Fabric B203
Technic Fabric B204
Technic Fabric B205
Technic Fabric B207
Technic Fabric B300
Technic Fabric B301
Technic Fabric B302
Technic Fabric B303
Technic Fabric B306
Technic Fabric B307
Technic Fabric B309
Technic Fabric B310
Technic Fabric B400
Technic Fabric B401
Technic Fabric B402
Technic Fabric B403
Technic Fabric B404
Technic Fabric B405
Technic Fabric B500
Technic Fabric B501
Technic Fabric B502
Technic Fabric B503
Technic Fabric B504
Technic Fabric B506
Technic Fabric B600
Technic Fabric B601
Technic Fabric B602
Technic Fabric B700
Technic Fabric B701
Technic Fabric B702
Technic Fabric B703
Technic Fabric B800
Technic Fabric B802
Technic Fabric B803
Techninc Fabric B801
Techninc Fabric B804

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Product Description

Kay Couture Chair by Cattelan Italia

Kay Couture Chair upholstered chair with steel frame and covered in synthetic leather, synthetic nubuck or soft leather as per sample card.

Stylish and extremely comfortable seat, for a chair that it is suitable for every kind of living with a timeless elegance.

Quilted seatback cover. The cover is not removable.

Design: Paolo Cattelan

Dimension: 45x54x95h

Informativa tecnica miniatura

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 54 × 95 cm


Destinazione d'uso


Stile arredo


Material/Sitting Color

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Cattelan Italia: italian design since 1979

cattelan italia

Cattelan Italia: italian design since 1979

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, now supported by the presence of their son Paolo, produce furnishing completely made in Italy, distributes their product in 96 countries with over 4000 qualified showrooms. The Cattelan Italia factory covers 30,000 m2 with a production covering a wide range of furnishing made of several materials such as: metal, wood, marble, leather, glass and plastics. Cattelan evolves and consolidates its global approval that rewards the technological quality and the authentic passion dedicated to each customer, as well as to each product, for years.

Quality materials, attention to details, Italian design and functionaity find expression in unique shapes.

Never ordinary, but utterly practical, Cattelan is products are able to enhance interior propositions with originality and innovation because they are conceived with sensitivity to daily living and passion for modern lifestyle. Tables, chairs, beds, sideboards, bookshelves, lighting and more other accessories to complete your home. Find out all products on our Shop Online

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