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Seasyde style: nautical home decor


Seasyde style: nautical home decor, accessories for marine-style furnishing

No beach house? No problem. Evoke the spirit of the sea with this season’s new nautical accessories

Design of the room in a nautical style involves the use of decoration and finishing materials that are associated with the sea, beach, ships. Freshness, special beauty and spirit of adventures – all this embodied in a marine style.

Nautical style is not only to seaside resorts, but also to the country where the environments are “dazzled” with natural light and prefer simple, intense colors and blue tones.

Nautical style will look organically everywhere. Marine style in interior design apartment – it’s freshness, harmony and beauty. The design project of an apartment or house in the Marine style is for all those people who appreciate nature, dreams of travel and dreams of living in a strict and at the same time cozy atmosphere.

It is important to balance the strong and natural colors so as not to weigh the contours. In the seaside style, we often find rows, prints and geometries that resemble life and activities in seaside resorts.

The atmosphere of a seaside home is relaxed and welcoming, fresh and carefree.

In this section we have selected for you accessories and accessories to decorate with many references to the seaman’s style and its colors.



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Cuscino 1C29- l’Oca Nera

51,00 37,60


25,00 15,00


25,00 15,00

Painting 1Q30 – L’Oca Nera

116,00 85,00

Painting 1Q42- L’Oca Nera

158,00 116,50

Panarea – L’Oca Nera

112,00 82,70

Quadro1Q28 – L’Oca Nera

195,00 143,90

Relax Sofa – La Forma

845,00 747,00

Rodi – L’Oca Nera

112,00 82,70

Vaso 1032- l’Oca Nera

46,00 35,00

Vaso 1033- l’Oca Nera

58,00 45,00

Vaso 1034- l’Oca Nera

70,00 55,00