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Industrial style: the must-haves elements

Industrial style: the must-have elements

Industrial style draws inspiration from the warehouses and factories that populate the urban landscape. Exposed architecture like ceiling beams, iron reinforcements, and weathered wood all add to industrial design’s sturdy, laid-back character.

This style is a design aesthetic that gradually evolved in the 70s in England and the USA, at a time when old industrial buildings had to be converted to residential spaces. Industrial style interiors are characterized by large open spaces, exposed structural elements, reclaimed objects as well as metal, brick, wood and concrete textures.

Industrial style elements:

  • Metal: rusted, galvanized, and corrugated metals are the bones of an industrial interior design. Whether it’s serving a purpose or purely for looks, metal, in many forms, is an Industrial powerhouse;
  • Wood: warm wood balances the coolness of metal. Whether it’s rough or refined, the wood in an industrial home has been places and seen things. Reclaimed and repurposed from its glory days of being the stage of an opera house or the deck of a seaside cottage, it now has a new purpose in your space.
  • Brick: industrial interiors don’t hide behind perfectly plastered and painted walls. Industrial decor incorporates bare, broken brick and stained, cracked concrete. Take on a warehouse feel by embracing these details to nail an Industrial look. 
  • Leather: tailored and sleek, or weathered and worn, leather is best utilized in furniture and other upholstered accents. It’s the charming and classy counterpart to the all-things-utilitarian foundation of industrial decor. Leather is the soft touch that makes this space a bit more homey.

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