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Zamagna: Live design, Italian design

Zamagna: Live design, Italian design

Since 1960 the italian company Zamagna, produces furniture that are non only attractive but also functional.

The beauty of an object can not be disconnected with its usefulness.

Live Design is the search for beauty. A good furniture produces a feeling of serenity and soul, a being connected with the harmony and proportion.

Italian design, the choice of materials and forms and modularity of the proposals make Zamagna unique in the market and willing to go in search of “good living” that gave shape to their motto “LIVE DESIGN”.

The brand offers a wide range of tables and chairs to meet any furniture needs: polypropilene chairs, coated chairs, fixed table, extendible table, wood or crystal tables.

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It could interest you:

tavolo zamagna

Breath – Zamagna

1.921,50 1.633,00

Twist T/1215 Zamagna

From 996,00 To 1.012,00From 846,00 To 860,00

Twist T/1217

From 780,00 To 1.099,00From 663,00 To 934,00

Twist T/1217 – laminate

750,00 637,00

Twist T/1217 – wood

850,00 722,00

Twist T/1217 FCA – wood

1.095,00 930,00

Twist T/1218 glass

690,00 586,00

Twist T/1218 glass-ceramic

990,00 841,00

Twist T/1218 laminate

716,00 608,00

Twist T/1218 wood

780,00 663,00
Tavolo laminato twist

Twist T/1219 laminate

640,00 544,00

Twist T/1220 – glass

930,00 790,00