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Midj italian know-how

Midj Design Italiano

Midj italian know-how

Midj italian know-how, not just Made in Italy, but a perfect synergy between hand -craft modeling, creativity and technology, that makes our working method the added value in each product.

Italy does not just define a place of production, but goes beyond: for Midj, it indicates a way of thinking and living, that they embraced in designing and innovating the idea of furniture since 1987.

The know-how is the heart of Midj company:

thanks to it all Midj projects take vitality and outburst, from a handcrafted vocation that is continuously cultivated and perfected.

Midj designs for people who want to live, who wants to build real spaces, bright and full of joy.

Each Midj’s collection is shaped with brand new materials and colours, that are always tested.

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Apelle CL – Midj

From 999,00 To 1.102,00From 914,00 To 1.008,00

Armando fixed table – Midj

From 882,00 To 1.984,00From 807,00 To 1.815,00

Extensible Forest – Midj

From 2.990,00 To 3.790,00From 2.874,00 To 3.643,00

Forest Fixed – Midj

From 2.990,00 To 4.150,00From 2.874,00 To 3.990,00

Forest Ø150 – Midj

From 2.190,00 To 2.990,00From 2.105,00 To 2.874,00

Guapa coat hanger – Midj

From 295,00 To 375,00From 269,00 To 343,00

Oval Forest – Midj

From 2.900,00 To 4.450,00From 2.787,00 To 4.278,00

Slim S Cu – Midj

272,00 261,00

Suite – Midj

From 495,00 To 630,00From 452,00 To 576,00

Twist D-H – Midj

From 314,00 To 342,00From 287,00 To 312,00

Twist L-H – Midj

From 285,00 To 312,00From 260,00 To 285,00

Twist L-TS – Midj

From 392,00 To 491,00From 358,00 To 449,00