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LAGO: Timeless design for a contemporary living


LAGO: Timeless design for a contemporary living

LAGO is a Brand flagship of Italian design and finds its strength in simplicity and refined elegance.

The projects  of this Brand are characterized by light suspensions, modularity and architectural mimesis, spreading an innate capacity for dialogue between different styles and contexts. The products are refined and at the same time simple, this particolar feature leads to infinite variations, resulting adaptable to changing environments and fashions.

LAGO is a brand that has its roots in the late nineteenth century Venice and that has been ferried in our century by four generations of furniture makers and designers, always tied to their roots, but always open to the future and innovation.

Discover the world of LAGO where the element of surprise combines perfectly with refinement, refinement and functionality.

Lago Online products

Air Madeterraneo – Lago

From 2.089,00 To 4.339,00From 1.780,00 To 3.915,00

Air Wildwood Bed – Lago

From 2.684,00 To 3.601,00From 2.359,00 To 3.169,00
tavolino air lago

Air Wildwood coffee table – Lago

From 842,00 To 1.508,00From 739,00 To 1.327,00

Morgana – Lago

1.172,00 1.031,00
comodino Lago

Twins bedside table – Lago

911,00 799,00

Twins chest of drawers – Lago

1.979,00 1.739,00