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Bontempi Casa: space to experience emotions



Bontempi Casa: space to experience emotions

Bontempi Casa works in the field of furniture manufacturing for more than 40 years. The products of this factory known in England, Spain, France, Japan, Russia, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand and the USA.

Tis factory started up in 1963 with a production capacity of less than 20,000 parcels and about 200 accounts.

It has always been based on the same obsessive pursuit of quality and daily passion for our work.

Bontempi Casa philosophy is experiencing the beauty together with functionality and comfort, always innovating choices.

Product Bontempi offers a wide range of modern, high quality furniture and interior items for home furnishings: tables and chairs, beds and upholstered furniture, chairs, kitchen.

Furniture Bontempi Casa created in different stylistic way – from modern to high-tech, all collections combined with modern aesthetics.

In the manufacture of these furniture are used different materials – steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, textiles, and the use in the finishing of wood, leather and wrought iron elements add a modern furniture Bontempi Casa sophistication.

Bontempi Casa furniture adds fine, Italian styling to any contemporary home.


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tavolo bontempi

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