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Bompani kitchen, the Made in Italy

Bompani kitchen, the Made in Italy home appliance brand

Bompani kitchen It is an extraordinary avant-garde cuisine that will make you cook delicious dishes.
The Bompani company was founded in Modena, the land of culinary excellence, manufacturing industry and sports cars, in 1954 and takes its name from founder Renzo Bompani.

Bompani is not only Made in Italy, it is a piece of Italian history with strong roots in the territory.

For this reason, 60 years after its foundation, Bompani carries on the same passion for the Italian lifestyle.
The passion to create beautiful and solid products designed for your kitchens.

Bompani loves to design beautiful, functional and long-lasting appliances, like real works of art.

For the link with the past and the desire to innovate and improve, Bompani launches in 2017 a line of refrigerators in the Retro-Vintage style.

Retrò refrigerators are made in Emilia, using mainly Italian companies and increasing Italian know-how every day.

What do you expect from an Italian refrigerator?

Beauty and attention to detail

With original design and lines, Bompani refrigerators are treated like the classy sports cars.

First with a cataphoresis process to avoid rust, then painted in liquid to keep colors always bright.

The new range of Bompani meets any taste with its eye-catching colors and finishes, with its vintage lines, to elevate the refrigerator to a real furnishing item.

A useful technology
The useful technology is that which listens to the real needs of the modern consumer and that therefore provides everything that is really needed, nothing more.

And that’s what the latest Bompani refrigerators offer.
Electronic Touch controls to regulate refrigerator and freezer temperatures separately.

NO-FROST Multi Level technology to avoid having to defrost the freezer and keep the right humidity in the refrigerator compartment.

The ventilated cooling system, to ensure a homogeneous air circulation on all the shelves.

To improve the quality of life, Bontempi offers solutions that minimize environmental impact, energy consumption and disposal.

Energy class A + and low consumption solutions such as LEDs and the holiday function make the Bontempi refrigerators eco-friendly.

Modern and safe interiors
Bontempi refrigerators have well-designed interiors designed to guarantee hygiene, safety and comfort.

The walls and gaskets have a special antibacterial treatment with silver ions to prevent the formation of mold.

The innovative Hygienic System filter purifies the air by eliminating odors.

Once again, the Italian style of living the home and the kitchen is transformed into products for our homes and houses all over the world.

Browse the catalog of Bompani refrigerators and fall in love with Italian style!


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